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Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO means optimization on another’s site or channel for your website. Link Building is the one of the most important things in Off-Page SEO but there are other tactics which are considered as ranking factors like – Social media, Reviews and Influencer Marketing. Our Link building process is cheap and ethical. We follow all the Google guidelines while building the links and never pay for the links. For that purpose we continually keep in touch with webmasters, editors and bloggers.

Our Link Building Process -

Our Link building process is practical, goal oriented and very unique in the industry. While working as Link Building Specialist in an SEO Agency I found that some sites’ rankings were still falling despite having the sufficient links or more links than his competitors. So I developed a unique method for link building. It is as follow

Step 1 – Content Gap Analysis

Step 2 – Link Gap Analysis

Step 3 – Link Prospecting

Step 4 – Getting Approval from the clients

Step 5 – Building Links on the clients’ approved sites

Step 6 – Sending monthly Link Building Reports

Step 7 – Link Status Tracking