Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimization for local searches. Nowadays, voice searches are becoming a popular medium for local searches, so the long tail keywords, LSI Keywords, and question-based keywords have become very significant in local searches. So, while optimizing for local searches, we focus on the content along with other optimizations like Google My Business, Citation Building, etc. So we do the following steps for getting the better results –

Our Process:

# Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis is a powerful ally in optimizing your SEO strategy. When it comes to local SEO, we certainly can’t ignore it. So, we thoroughly analyze the competitors’ websites’ content that is ranking well on the search engines and make reports of all the gaps and variances. Then, we ask the client to make the relevant changes on his website to align it with the competitors’ content and to show his comprehensive, unique business brand value.

# Content Optimization for Local Searches

Content Optimization for Local Searches involves tailoring your website content to appeal specifically to local audiences, ensuring your business is prominently featured in relevant search results. We do the following to target the local audiences –

  • Precision Targeting: By incorporating location-specific keywords and phrases into the client’s content, we ensure that it could reach the targeted local audiences actively searching for his offerings and help search engines find his site relevant for local queries.

  • Localized Landing Pages: We create dedicated landing pages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of the client’s local audience. We try to include localized content, places, customer testimonials, and relevant information specific to your business location.

# Citation Building

Citation Building involves creating and optimizing online business listings across various platforms, ensuring your business information is accurate, consistent, and readily available. These citations act as digital references, signaling to search engines that your business is legitimate, trustworthy, and relevant to local searches. Following is our citation-building process –

  • Consultation: We begin with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s business, target audience, and specific goals.

  • Citation Audit: We thoroughly analyze the client’s current citations to identify the areas for improvement and optimization.

  • Strategic Building: We create and enhance client business listings on relevant platforms, prioritizing high-authority directories.

  • Consistency Checks: Regular checks and updates are performed to maintain NAP consistency and accuracy.

  • Monitoring and Reporting: We do transparent and continuing reporting to keep you informed about the progress of our Citation Building efforts.

# Google My Business Registration

We do it if it’s not done earlier. Typically, it’s a basic step that almost all businesses do at the very beginning, even before hiring SEO services.

# Google Reviews Management

Google Reviews plays a crucial role in local search rankings. A high volume of positive reviews attracts customers and boosts your visibility in local search results. Authentic and positive reviews showcase your business’s commitment to customer satisfaction, contributing to a positive and trustworthy brand image. Our GRM steps are as follows –

  • Review Monitoring: We actively monitor clients’ Google Reviews, ensuring they stay informed about what their customers say in real-time.

  • Positive Review Encouragement: Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews enhances the business’s online reputation. We implement strategies to boost positive feedback from happy clients.

  • Swift Response to Negatives: In the event of negative reviews, we respond promptly and professionally, showcasing clients’ commitment to addressing customer concerns and resolving issues.

  • Review Strategy Development: We collaborate with clients to develop a proactive review strategy, guiding satisfied customers to share their positive experiences on your Google profile.

  • Reporting and Insights: We do transparent reporting that keeps the client in the loop, providing insights into the performance of his Google Reviews and the overall sentiment surrounding his brand.